Building My Website

Some may feel that building a personal or business website in today’s world should be fairly easy for most. Especially, with all of the “free” resources available through various hosting and website design companies. However, what I’ve found out recently is that although I’ve been in IT for over 20 years, was a software consultant/developer for a spell, it’s not as easy as you might think! A significant personal investment of your time is still needed if you want your website to pop off the pages and lure a broad audience.

First of all, if your time is limited like mine, you probably don’t have a lot of time to spend building your site from scratch. You’re also most likely to have the same mindset as I do at this point in your career, and feel that learning new code is just not your thing anymore. However, you refuse to pay someone to build your site and feel that you have enough software development experience to build it yourself. (more…)

BlogPad Pro – iPad Blogging

BlogPad Pro – iPad Blogging

I may be late to the party but Version 1.3 of BlogPad Pro was recently released and it’s packed with great features. I used it to write this blog as my first test. If you’re an avid iPad user like me, you’re gonna want this App. I had been searching for an App to manage my new WordPress Blog and finally found it.  I use my iPad way more than my laptop and like to write as soon as the spirit moves me, if you know what I mean.

BlogPad Pro is pretty intuitive. I spent less than 5 minutes reading the tutorial and off I went! This is going to be great for when I’m traveling. I won’t have to load my laptop at all.  As stated in my previous post about building my web site, and now blog site, I will continue to share my learnings along the way for those that are new to these processes.  It’s just another way for me to help those leaders out there striving to pursue their dreams as well as leave legacies. (more…)

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