1 Year Anniversary!

My 1 year Anniversary as a County Board Supervisor for Ozaukee County! I’m so happy to have the opportunity to serve my awesome community with a great group of leaders that continue to support me and my endeavors.... read more

Braverman Appointed to County Board

Click Here for full article in the News Graphic ‘My boss told me to just go for it’ Braverman appointed to County Board By Melanie Boyung News Graphic Staff PORT WASHINGTON — Janette Braverman was confirmed as the newest member of the Ozaukee County Board this week.... read more


Solitude = Inner Fulfillment vs. Loneliness = Inner Emptiness As stated by Richard Foster, author of the Celebration of Discipline, our fear of being alone drives us to noise and crowds.  We keep up a constant stream of words even if they are inane.  A business... read more

3 Core Things

There are three core things that I try to focus on each day:  1) Exercise, 2) Staying Involved and 3) Effective Communication.  Do you have areas that you focus on each day?  If not, you should try it!  There may be one or two things that are important to you for... read more

How to Be Stress Free!

STRESS DOES NOT = SUCCESS! STOP everything that you’re doing right now!  It’s absolutely too much!  If you want to be stress free, you have to let go of something or you will never get there.  I know that everything you’re doing seems important, even... read more

What Have You Left Behind?

Well, it’s the end of the year and many are transitioning out of their old jobs for various reasons…resigning, retiring, tired of their boss, becoming a full-time entrepreneur or simply looking for an empowering experience.  However, the question... read more

Martin Luther King

A strong leader who withstood adversity and triumphed in the face of defeat. Be a leader that will…    Commit to Something    Teach Something    Dream Something    Do Something   Martin Luther King... read more

Building My Website

Some may feel that building a personal or business website in today’s world should be fairly easy for most. Especially, with all of the “free” resources available through various hosting and website design companies. However, what I’ve found... read more

Great Leadership Movies!

During the holidays, I just love watching great movies about transformational leaders. One of my all time favorites is Gladiator with Russell Crowe. “The general who became a slave, the slave who became gladiator, the gladiator who defied an empire.” Best... read more

This one’s for the Know-it-alls

I’m not sure who wrote it, but this is one of the best quotes I’ve read in a while.  I haven’t met anyone yet that knows everything.  Sometimes we may encounter those that believe they do.  However, what they fail to realize is that humility goes... read more

Are you an Essentialist?

This morning I read an HBR (Harvard Business Review) Blog by Greg McKeown called “Why We Humblebrag About Being Busy”.  The article is really about being an Essentialist.  It was quite insightful and actually gave me a definition for how I’ve been... read more

Let It Go!

“Don’t ever let a bad experience at work define you.”  That is the advice I’ve given to several leaders who have faced challenges transitioning to a new job after leaving an environment and culture that simply wasn’t ready for what they... read more

How to Leave a Legacy – Part 3

I would love to hear your feedback.  Please reply by sending your brief comments or quotes to my blog in response to my question “What kind of leader leaves a legacy?”  I look forward to hearing them! The attached picture was taken when I was on my way to... read more

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