Janette delivered an inspiring message to the emerging leading ladies at our church with enthusiasm and passion.  She shared her journey of success with a compelling leadership vision that inspired our ladies to dream big and persevere toward their destinies. I am still hearing testimonies from women of how her message changed their lives and released them from discouragement and empowered them to believe beyond their current circumstances. Her leadership principles are cutting edge and her influence is invaluable.  I definitely will continue to ask Janette to impart her wisdom and experience to our women on a regular basis.

Yolanda James

Pastor and Founder, Changing Lives Ministries, Racine, WI

Janette is a technically savvy, relationship-oriented leader with a can-do attitude and drive for results. She is very effective at influencing stakeholders of all levels to accomplish goals and maintains trusting relationships through strong communication, follow-through, and willingness to receive feedback. She seeks stretch assignments and opportunities to leverage her talent to produce great results and business success.

Kim Pettiford

Director, Human Resources, Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Janette is a multi-talented professional who excels in the areas of problem solving and project management. She is very skilled at assembling and motivating teams, leading them to successful outcomes without formal authority. She is a natural leader and easy to work with. Additionally, Janette is very dedicated to mentoring and developing others.

Diane Wilhelm

Director, Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Janette rapidly dived in at Rockwell and proved her versatile skill set and wisdom of the industry. I could use a bunch of adjectives to describe what makes her effective at achieving our team’s goals, however some of these are for sure: agile, hard working, open and communicative, knowledgeable, enlightened and reasonable. She’s got the ability to inspire others and is a “go to” person. Janette has a great vision of how leaders can leave legacies and make an everlasting impact on their organizations.

Szymon Antas

Project Administrator, Rockwell Automation

My relationship with Janette began 10 years ago. My husband and I met her as we were pretty new members to Christian Faith Fellowship Church (CFFC). Becoming a new member at CFFC with a congregation of 5,000 individuals can be intimidating, to say the least.
Janette welcomed me with open arms and helped me realize that CFFC was a safe place. Initially, it was Janette’s poise and professional demeanor that intrigued me. However, observing her teach, train, direct and mentor over 160 adults in the CFFC Presbytery has personally challenged and motivated me to be a better leader myself.
Over a decade has gone by and Janette has remained consistent, professional, assertive, thorough and diligent. To this day she continues to lead with professionalism, quality and strong leadership skills. She has the skill, diligence and finesse that it takes to get different people with different views and desires to work together under an umbrella of excellence to get any job, big or small completed!

Gail Ramsey

Evangelist, Christian Faith Fellowship Church

“Working with Janette Braverman has been a great benefit. She is remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate yet skillfully adept at helping me focus on successful project management tools and techniques.”

Jacquie Beaver

Sr. Project Manager, Aurora Healthcare

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