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The attached picture was taken when I was on my way to lunch one day with a friend, and there happened to be a family of ducks in the parking lot of our company. We believe that they were trying to find their way to a pond of water.  So we decided that we would help ensure that they waddled safely through our busy parking lot to their destination.  
Well despite our efforts to guide them, the baby ducks continued to follow their mother although she was way ahead of them.  It seemed as if we did not exist to them and she was the only leader that they would follow.  She never slowed down to help them, but allowed them to find their own way. At first, we thought that was a bit harsh and were doing our best to protect them from moving vehicles.  
However, we later realized that her true intent was to teach them survival skills at a very young age.  They were learning to maneuver through and overcome various obstacles on their perilous journey.  And in the end, they all made it safely across the parking lot.  The entire family waited as they each arrived one by one.  Some moved faster than others but we could see that in their own language they were rooting each other on while the mother duck watched proudly as they approached.  

We ended up spending most of our lunch hour watching the whole story unfold.  It was really great to see leadership in action as well as the lessons each of them learned along the way.
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